• Woodcut Printmaking with Marty Vreede

    I have thoroughly enjoyed learning under the tutelage of a Master Printmaker, it’s been such a pleasure I’ve repeated the course for three terms now!

    From the moment we walk in we are welcomed and given the tools we need to expand our own practice, critique one another’s work and connect with Marty and each other.

    I love going home with inky creations and inspiration from the space, my tutor and my peers.

  • Taonga Puoro with Elise Goodge

    What an amazing journey. The professionalism and extensive knowledge base of Elise is incredible. I loved creating our own instruments, it’s wonderful having my own collection of Taonga Puoro. Learning to play the Koauau in particular has been a lesson in patience and focus, hearing it’s voice for the first time was quite an emotional experience.

    I enjoyed every single aspect of this course.

  • Stone-set Rings with Craig Winton

    Nice-sized class, everybody received plenty of guidance and 1:1 help when required. Craig was clear and precise with his instruction and had a lovely manner.

    I really enjoyed the comeraderie, the people learning together were great fun – what a great skill to learn!