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Community Education Whanganui

Socrates Cafe

Socrates Cafe

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­Socrates Meets Whanganui

Socrates Cafés are gatherings that are held around the world where people from different backgrounds come together, exchange thoughtful ideas and experiences while embracing the over-arching idea that we learn more when we question, and when we question with others. No philosophical background is needed. It is about our own philosophies of life. This is not a debating club but about questioning, open-mindedness and challenging our own assumptions while listening to and respecting the views shared by others.

This is an excellent opportunity for those new to Whanganui, or anyone wishing to meet people.

10 am – 11 am every 2nd Thursday

Trinity Church, 183 Wicksteed Street, Whanganui
First session for Term 4 2023 is Thursday 19 October 2023.



For enquiries please contact us on 06 345 4717 or email us at

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